WhatsApp Marketing for Smart People

I have been scammed by all kinds of WhatsApp software peddler on the web for more then 20,000$ collectively. I am not saying this to prove you, how much of a fool I am that these so called “WhatsApp marketers” made a fool out of me.

But, I am being honest with you because I know for a fact that you wont be making all the mistakes that I made if you continue reading this website.

You see, there are multiple ways to make money using WhatsApp marketing.

White-hat, Gray-hat or Black-hat, it doesn’t really matter which medium you choose.

At the end of the day, building awareness, engagement & conversion is the end goal for any kind of business.

– Jay Abraham

Even though I made a lot of mistakes in my past. But, I also made a lot of realisation which has brought me predictable, scalable, and profitable regular stream of income as well as expensive learnings along the way which has built this durable WhatsApp marketing business for me which also made millions of dollars of revenue, income & profit for myself, my clients and my students.

This website is designed to teach you all the lessons I learnt along the way, share tips & strategies whole-heartedly, and give you real life examples & case studies of many of the most popular and profitable WhatsApp marketing campaigns which led to millions of dollars worth of revenue for me, my team and my clients.


If you choose to go down this rabbit hole… Remember one thing.

You won’t see the world the same again.

P.S. This website is designed to keep the secrets, part of only few marketers who truly have the desire to make it big using the power of WhatsApp Marketing. If you don’t think you are serious about making substantial success. Please leave this page. And get busy with your life!